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Lawyer Jokes

Here is some lawyer humor my grandfather told me when I was young:

Determined to prove the saying wrong, “you can’t take it with you”, an old lawyer on his deathbed requested that his wife place money in the attic directly above his bed. His wife and butler honored the request. Soon after the old lawyer passed away, his wife and butler inspected the the attic to find that the money was still there. His wife immediately turned to the butler and said, “The fool! I knew he should have had me put it in the basement!”

Still more lawyer humor:

An old gentlemen gave envelopes containing $50,000 each to his priest, doctor, and lawyer. He left the money with instructions that they each place the money in his coffin after he dies.

At the funeral, the priest, doctor, and lawyer each slip an envelope into the casket. While leaving the funeral the priest becomes remorseful and turning to the other two says, “I am so sorry. I placed an empty envelope in the casket because I just couldn’t let that money go to waste! I donated all of it to the homeless shelter. They needed it far more than the dead man.” The doctor, upon hearing his colleague’s confession proceeded to offer one of his own. He said, “I also feel guilty. I too placed an empty envelope in the coffin. Rather than let that money go to waste I purchased medicines and sent them to several poor villages in Africa.”

The lawyer, not to be outdone with these two confessions, summoned up all the self-righteous indignation he could muster and loudly pronounced: “I am ashamed of you both. We were given a sacred position of trust. I kept my word with the old gentlemen. I want you to know that I placed in that coffin my personal check for the full $50,000!”

I love these little jokes. they remind us we can’t take it with us, we might as well plan to do something good with it when we go.

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